Link4Growth is all about nurturing, supporting, and connecting with local people, businesses and communities

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Imagine you are able to meet and connect regularly with others at a range of different types of events at various times of the day.

Imagine being able to obtain relevant and cost effective bite size training to develop and grow your business as you need it.

Imagine being able to tap into the connections, experience and knowledge of other business owners (actually out there doing it today) to help solve your challenges as and when they arise.

Imagine there was a local person who really needed your skill or talent (or that of someone you knew) and the only thing in the way of you being able to help them was that you didn’t know each other? ….

This, in a nutshell is what Link4Growth is all about …

  • Bringing local people together regularly for a coffee, breakfast, lunch or an evening drink.
  • Learning about each other… what we are passionate about, what talents we have… and how we can help one another.
  • Totally inclusive, open to anyone who is giving and supportive … the community is made up of so many different aspects.
  • Providing bite sized training to develop ourselves, our businesses, social groups we participate in, and the communities we live in.
  • Rebuilding our community through understanding that everyone is important, we all have skills and we are all able to make a contribution.

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